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Now Available!!!

Vampire of My Dreams 


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PRE-ORDERS 33% off until release date of September 1, 2021.

You will love this eight plus hours 

of storytelling, narrated by Skye Alley. Skye has a young, fresh voice and she definitely understand Juliette and the characters of the INTWINE universe. 

This handy USB drive can be used in any device with a USB port. 


Star-Crossed DNA

INTWINE is a heart-felt Science Fiction series exploding with action, space travel and plot twists. The first book introduces reserved and meek Julie, who comes face-to-face with love, danger and deadly foes. 

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Tragedy & Transformation

Julie is devastated when a loved one dies. An etherial alien teaches Julie to control her emerging talent but her new skills may not be enough for her to stop aliens bent on destroying the Earth.

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Loved & Lost

Anna joins Julie on Earth. But 

aliens poised for revenge make

Julie's life a living hell. She has the opportunity to further refine her ability, but will it help when the unthinkable happens?

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INVIRAL: The Phage

I'm currently writing INVIRAL: The Phage. I will admit that I've done 

the very worst thing an author 

could possibly do. I ended book 3 

on a monster cliff-hanger, and 

then I took time off from writing 

to run my other business. 

Mea culpa.

I've annoyed readers and some of my friends don't speak to me anymore. Anyway, as soon as Book 4 is complete, I'll announce it via my newsletter. 

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Vampire of My Dreams

This was my first short story originally published in 2010. It's a sad, happy, gory, beautiful and dramatic love story. It was my first stab at vampires so I was flattered when fans requested a longer version. I might do that someday.

Other than the fantastical vampire, most of this "fictionalized" short story is based on real events.

Meanwhile, most readers agree: it's a unique and beautiful story that would make for a great movie.

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Nothing at All

A short book of biographical 

Poetry written over the past few years but re-visited, edited and published during the first months 

of the great lockdown of 2020. 

Don't worry, because even 

if you, like I, have a general 

distaste for poetry (unless it's Poe, Frost or Shakespeare) there is a chance that you will find this short work entertaining. 

After all, Amazon did award it 

Best Seller and #1 New Release.

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