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The INTWINE Series - Synopsis

When seventeen-year-old Julie from Southern California meets Seth, a human from another world, her life is flipped upside-down. Seth looks every inch the average Earthling, but the life of this other-world, rock-star royal is anything but. 

Their meeting sets off a chain of events that sends them around the globe and hurtling across the Milky Way faster than the speed of light.   Between desperate rescues and facing down evil aliens, Julie must correct a galactic injustice that could forever change the future of humanity.

About Me

I love animals, especially dogs. I support fellow artists and my closest friends are working writers, musicians, painters and singers. I've studied singing, drawing and music but my art of choice is writing--my favorite topics being science fiction, fantasy and non-fiction.

After growing up in a big family in New England, I co-managed a private school in Cambridge, then I moved to California and lived there for twenty-five years. I currently live in Nevada. 

After a tenure in private education, raising a family and volunteering at disasters sites at home and abroad, I put her fingers to the keyboard and began writing. 

To date I have 6 published titles including two best-sellers, INTWINE and Nothing at All

A Little More About Me

I enjoy the beautiful parts of life, but at the same time I feel a deep compassion for anyone treated unfairly, for people caught in the trap of drug abuse or bent on crime, and for those in disaster areas who are left suffering. So, I volunteer my time, and I financially support non-profit groups that deal with local and world issues such as drug education, drug rehab and drug abuse, criminal rehab, domestic and international human rights violations, as well as local and international disaster relief efforts. If anyone reading this feels at all dismayed at the state of the world, I suggest stepping up to the plate in some small way. Someone will feel better for it and you will perhaps come to realize, as I have, as long as we each do something, in the end, it will all turn out okay.